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: north carolina." 2013, people were arrested during their moral monday's protest. now they are planning their biggest protest yet, the moral march on raleigh. today we are joined by bill moyers and will air excerpts of his new record on the political crisis in the tar heel state. years, first time in 150 republicans controlled the governorship and both houses of the legislature, where they have a vetoproof majority, and they are enacting laws that will touch every north carolinians pocketbook, every student classroom, and every voter's experience at the pole. bill moyers and "state of conflict: north carolina." all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. over 60 people were killed in egypt is weakened in clashes around the third anniversary of the uprising that ousted hosni mubarak. thousands turned out in her rear square, the epicenter of the revolution, but fighting broke out between members of the muslim brotherhood and state backers. over 1000 people were detained by sunday night. in a sign of growing activity
'll see you tomorrow! >> president obama takes his economic message on the road to north carolina where he touted rising unemployment benefits, but republican governor pat mccreery has cut jobless benefits and unemployment has nose dived. governor mccrory is about to join us live to give us the real story. >>> also guess what? the markets seem to finally be getting it. good news is good news, damn it. yesterday's retail sales, today's bank of america and apple stories, plus a positive fed. as i said, good news is good news. we are joined by chris lawford and patrick kennedy who have written a new book on what it takes to solve addiction. the lives of at least 23 million americans are at stake. all those stories and much more are coming up on the kudlow report right now. >> good evening, i'm larry kudlow. this is the kudlow report. we've live today. president obama reiterated his call for congress to renew long term unemployment benefits. the president said he's going to move on without legislators wherever possible. >> more than ever now president obama needs to change the subject from oba
are moments away from the president's speech in north carolina, where president obama promises to kick off a revived push on his domestic agenda, with or without the help of congress. >> he said today in his tab net meeting i've got a pen and i've got a phone. >> and a telephone. you've got that right. the president is going to pick up the phone and he's also going to sign executive orders that he can do within his power that don't necessarily require congressional action. >>> hi, everyone. good afternoon. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president obama is going to be speaking momentarily from north carolina about jobs and the economy. but we'll take a moment first while we wait to talk politics, jersey style. governor chris christie tried to put the scandal behind him in his opening remarks to the general assembly, but the controversy continues. during his marathon press conference last week, for instance, the governor insisted he had limited contact with david wildstein, the former port authority official, his appointee, who had orchestrated the closure of the george washington bridge
spurling about the president's economic agenda, and then we're going to talk to north carolina's republican governor on if he's welcoming the president to the state. >>> plus, trenton makes and the world takes with an unusual national audience, chris christie doesn't shy away from the scandal surrounding him during the state of the state address. did he talk about other issues? i think he did. don't know if the reporters noticed. >> in today's takeaway, add jerry brown to the list of folks they won't make a run in 2016. good morning from new york. it's wednesday, january 15th, 2014. this is "daily rundown." busy hump day ahead. we'll talk to maria shriver and her report on women's lives in america today, plus tom brokaw will join me. >>> in 13 days, president obama will deliver his fifth state of the union address. facing gridlock in washington and no prospect of that changing dpuring an election year, the president is looking to step up his outside game, moving together with a coalition group with or without congress. >> i've got a pen, and i've got a phone. and i can use that pen to sign
, president obama only minutes away from giving an important speech on the economy in north carolina. that state's democratic senator notably absent from today's event. has the president become a campaign liability this year. >>> i am not a bully. chris christie said it and apparently new jersey voters believed it. new polls show an improvement in the governor's rating. >>> and michelle obama gets ready for her 50th birthday and opens up about plastic surgery, botox and one day becoming a grandma. >>> hello, i'm wolf blitzer, reporting from washington. president obama is expected to walk to the podium in north carolina at any moment now, there to talk about the economy and the white house's push for new manufacturing, jobs and hubs. the first of those hubs, by the way, will be there, the research triangle in raleigh and durham, north carolina, where the president is speaking today. we're going to bring you some of the president's speech once it gets under way. stand by for that. there will be one noted absence at the president's speech. the north carolina democratic senator, kay hage
. case in point, north carolina. the political significance of the tar heels state was underscored when president obama visited to promote efforts to boost the manufacturing industry. it was his policy related trip of 2014. remember, north carolina is a battleground state that by a razor's edge margin went for president obama in 2008 and then turned back to red in 2012. in between, a political revolution happened in north carolina. republicans won control of both houses of the state legislature. the first time in 140 years. and in 2012, the state elected a republican governor, giving one party control to the state. now, the state's laws are among the most conservative in the country. north carolina has passed some of the nation's most restrictive voting laws, which did proportionately affect the poor and buy north carolina eliminated its earned income tax credit, essentially raising taxes on more than 900,000 households earning less than $49,000 a year. state lawmakers also passed a law that could close most of north carolina's 16 abortion clinics. and the governor, pat mccorey, he sign
for north carolina -- instead this is where he is landing at raleigh, north carolina. >>> it has been one of the biggest scandals to rock the vatican, child sex abuses to rock the kat rick church. the first report from an international children's right origanizatio organization. simon mcgregor-wood reports. >>> peter saunders was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his catholic priest at school. so was his brother mike. for him abuse triggered a life cursed bidrin k and drugs and an early death. peter runs an organization helping other survivors. >> most survivors are not particularly interested in compensation. they are interested in seeing change. they are interested in knowing that what happened to them is not going to happen to future generations. having said that, compensation, i think is entirely appropriate when it comes to people who's childhoods have been stolen. >> reporter: the vatican has a new pope. he's popular and made some big promises. pope francis wants openness, and a new transparency even on this toxic issue. he set up a new committee of his own to look into it. t
of criminalizing minor misbehavior sarah hoy went to wake county north carolina, some who charge it as being the biggest pipeline in the country. >> in raleigh, north carolina. 2006 students, they are known for diversity, a magnate program that attracts kids from the city and enough of a crime problem that a security officer is assigned to the campus. today is a routine school day, unlike that day last may. >> we are in the high school because there is something going on. kids all in the middle of the street. >> what's going on? >> i don't know what, officer. >> police officers. >> i got arrested and booked and handcuffed. >> they cuffed me and another student up, and we go down to the detdeposition center. >> when i got in the office, they said they would arrest me. >> we sat down with one anglo parent and two at the high school and how it turned into mayhem. >> i was there to pick up my twin daughters. i am in the car pool lane. i say please presence there. yes understand why at the time. i went inside and was going to check my daughters out. >> that's when they told me there was a -- this
is maybe the biggest line pipe light in the country. >> reporter: it's dawn in ali, north carolina, teaming with 200600 students it's known if a little bit of evening. racial and socioeconomic diversity, a magnate program that attract kids from all over the city, and a crime problem enough that a security officer is permanently assign today the campus, today a routine school day, unlike that day last may. >> send a police officer over here in the high school because there is something going on, kids are out in the middle of the street. >> fight, or what's going on? >> i don't know they are out of the building. independents frost school. i need police officer. i. >> i got arrested and booked. they cuffed me. and we were in the detention center. >> when i got in to the office they the they were going on rest me. >> we. >> i pick up my twin daughters so i am in the car pool lane i saw a lot of police presence there and i didn't understand why at that point in time. i went inside to check my daughters out, that's when they told me that there was i guess a senior day prank water balloons or what
that clear when he spoke not long ago in raleigh, north carolina. he talked about boosting the rae manufacturing hub. mike viqueira is in washington and the president calling this the year ofove or work around se gridlock that libby just described on capitol hill. he said he has a pen, this is what he said, the implication is that he has a pen, and he's not afraid to use it. this is part and parcel with last year, the promised zone and economically depressed areas around the country. these are the manufacturing sides, manufacturing hubs in raleigh north carolina of action washington one way or another. >> we've made progress. the pieces are all there to bring back more of about their legislative and political strategy going in. >> mike, are we to assume that there may be politics at play on this tour by the president? he is at research triangle park in north carolina, a battleground state. i don't del, we might note that kay hagin, a freshman senator, she was not there in attention today, and some eyebrows were raised. the conjecture she didn't want to be seen on the same stage as
and the advocates who support them. set in north carolina and directed by cynthia hill, the film follows advocate kit gruelle who herself is a domestic violence survivor. a warning, this footage is disturbing. . i do this work because i survived a really violent relationship and it took me getting into this work and understanding it to really see it is just so widespread. this last time he'll must killed me in front of my daughter. >> what happened to you, shouldn't happen to anyone ever. >> that's why i'm here. >> where -- what do your parents had to say about it? >> why didn't you just leave? >> did he ever threatened to kill you? >> yeah, lots of times. she is still living. >> the local prosecutor declined to prosecute because he says she should have tried to get away from him. a was convicted only of misdemeanor assault on women, what would he be looking at? >> the most he could receive his 150 days of jail. the daughter indiana were in the cap part of the truck. he started beating on her. >> martina asked them over and over, why are you hurting my mama? >> he was interviewed by law enforceme
on the economy on the stump in raliegh, north carolina. welcome to hq. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. it is the president's first trip outside of the beltway. there will be a noticeable absence. democratic senator skipping theentious vent to stay in dc. brett hume is the analyst. great to see you. >> thank you, alisyn. >> should we read going to senator hagan skipping this? >> yes, she is in trouble and obama care and the president is the reason for it. it happens all of the time. she's staying away from the event because the senate is in season. last time the senate was in session and she managed to go to the event with north carolina and got herself back to washington i don't think that explanation holds water. >> she said she would be honored for the president to campaign for her. and how do democrats will handle the president on the stump? will they distance themselves from him and how far will they distance themselves. it is a pickle for them. >> if you are running in for reelection in a state that the president is unpopular. you don't want a bunch of video of you and y
also with ice across much of the deep south. and the bigger snow totals through eastern north carolina. 3 to 6 is the potential with more than a half foot is going to cause big issues for the next few days. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. >>> well, tonight, president obama will deliver his sixth state of the union address. with only three years left in office, plenty remains on the president's agenda. susan mcginnis is in washington with a preview. susan, good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. the good news for president obama is he'll get his biggest audience of the year tonight. the bad news is, his popularity is down. and second-term state of the unions do not get much attention. but he will do his best to rally the democratic base and to push his policy agenda. and for that, he'll tell congress he would like their help but doesn't necessarily need it. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama is expected to stand before the nation tonight and ask congress to help him pass his legislative agenda, creating jobs, an extension of unem
: the the gentlewoman from north carolina is recognized. ms. foxx: thank you, madam speaker. i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: madam speaker, i yield a minute and a half to the gentlewoman from the district of columbia, who was not able to testify before those 12 men, ms. norton. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for a minute and a half. s. norton: i thank the gentlewoman for yielding. i particularly appreciate the opportunity to speak since i was denied the courtesy of speaking on a bill that targets my own district. madam speaker, the only thing worse than tarring thing the reproductive health of the nation's women is reaching beyond that to do even greater damage to the women of a local jurisdiction, to permanently keep the district of columbia from spending its own local funds on abortion services for poor women. as 1 states do, among them alaska, alabama, montana, hardly bastions of liberalism. mind you, such spending is already barred in the annual d.c. appropriation. imagine this,ips, strip
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. here's ed henry. >> it's good to be back in north carolina. >> less than two weeks before he delivers this year's state of the union, president obama is racing to follow through on last year's state of the union promises. >> this has to be a year of action. >> a few days ago, he fleshed out the so-called promise zones he unveiled last february, while today he was in north carolina promoting a manufacturing initiative also announced in last year's address. >> i hope you'll focus on actually getting the job done instead of just providing another distraction. another distraction from the pain of obamacare. and the obama economy. >> at nc state, the president played the slow uptake as a sign of careful consideration. >> so today, after almost a year of competition, i'm pleased to announce america's newest high-tech manufacturing hub, which is going to be focused on the next generation of power electronics. is going to be based right here in raleigh, in north carolina. that's good news. >> good news the state democratic senator kay hagan did not want to share. she's locked in a tough re-el
during the day, they will be taken care of tonight. >> reporter: outside of asheville, north carolina, a school bus flipped over on an icy road, sending one teenager to the hospital. >> real scary, i mean, because the whole bus tipped over and i was sitting in the seat on the other side and just kind of flew to the other side. >> reporter: 2 to 3 inches of snow fell in atlanta, causing accidents, gridlock and six-hour long commutes home. >> i'd advise if you don't have to be out, stay at home. >> reporter: stranded drivers in birmingham learned that lesson the hard way. >> crazy. >> got to push a car. this morning we had to push a car over there. >> no way home. yellow cab won't come and get us. >> think about driving down around in here, is people don't south don't know how to drive in it. >> reporter: home depot kept 14 area atlanta stores open overnight to offer shelter to stranded drivers. >> those dangerous conditions in the southeast could get worse before they get better. another wave of bitter cold is on the way. let's check in with accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good m
approved. for what purpose does the gentleman from north carolina rise? >> mr. speaker, pursuant to clause 1, rule 1, i demand a vote on growing to the speaker's approval of the journal. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the journal stands approved. the gentleman from north carolina. mr. holding: mr. speaker, i demand the yeas and nays. the speaker: the yeas and nays are requested. all those in favor of taking this vote by the yeas and nays will rise and remain standing until counted. . a sufficient number having arisen, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this question are postponed. the pledge of allegiance today will be led by the gentleman from new york, mr. higgins. mr. higgins: indivisible, with liberty and justice for all indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to 15 requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what pu
of the university of north carolina in chapel hill. [applause] >> thank you. it has been a delightful day. i got here from new york last evening and got up bright and early and we visited with the class and met some students created is the second time i have been on campus and i am impressed when i am here. he has been my lawyer and he willwhen i need you, that go anywhere that goes. he has been one of my most trusted business advisors. this has been on his mind for years. we have talked about this over long nights. spoke a cigar and he bears with that and tells me about his vision for the university of north carolina. i am delighted to be here. i also want to give a shout out to hang price. i am not sure where he is but he is my colleague who runs wxii in winston-salem. i am glad that he is here. also a guy who is here who wore the hearst jersey. he came here for the closing chapter of his great career. he was an outstanding executive and made the company a lot of money. i am -- good to see jim again. i've been blessed to work with hearst for 30 years and i was a lucky guy who had an opportunit
have seen democrats in difficult re-election races seize on this. kay hagan of north carolina was ighting republicans in washington and north carolina who had scaled back north workers' abilities to get these so she was fighting lead rs because her opponent is the house speaker of the north carolina legislature. still a bicameral and they made the argument this program not ncy continued during a recovery. what is the prospect if it got senate?he >> if the six republicans who have been working with the democrats get something by early and it is legitimately paid for in the eyes of fiscal will be -- it conservatives it will be difficult for them to say no. john boehner almost dodged questions as he started to walk way a reporter smartly asked him again and he made clear we are concerned with those who are difficult time trying to find a job. he was reading from talking points sent to every republican to demonstrate that we have concern even if we are being principled to find a pay for it. gwen: when the job numbers came confounded every economist who thought it would 200,000 an
ahead of the state of the union address. the president spending three hours in north carolina today where he announced a new public manufacturing institute. developing next-generation power and here he is. >> the reason i came here today is because we have to do more to connect universities to make america the number one place in the world to open new businesses and create new jobs. we want to do that here in north carolina and all across america. >> exciting but strangely familiar. and this was something he was talking about in his state of the union address nearly a year ago. he has now committed, if you will, back to that address and not proposal. the north carolina project is the first of three that the president promised during the state of the unit in the event was all about the economy down in north carolina and that was without some political drama. kay hagan, who is facing a tough reelection bid this fall shows not to join the president. her office said she was in there the senate is in session and republicans don't seem to be buying her excuse. in another day and another o
north carolina. >> and the city hall has been decked out in red and gold. the panthers proved to be a very tough opponent in what turned out to be a tight game tonight. >> our fred inglis is here with the highlights of what came up with that victory. >> reporter: revenge is so sweet sometimes. carolina beat the 49ers at home. tonight 49ers are road tested and that defense travels. collin kaepernick wanted to avenge last month's game. while he started out strong he just stopped. on a big fourth down dive. it seemed to fuel the 49ers high octane defense and kept the score 9-0 san francisco. and 18 possessions when collin copper cop -- kaepernick gets davis in the end zone. the call was that it was a touchdown. they hold the panthers scoreless in the second half and win 23-10. jim harbaugh is now the first coach ever to lead the team to three championships. >> today's win was an accomplishment but it was lofty of the goal san francisco set. they don't just want to get to the super bowl they want to win it this time. >> nobody is overly excited. >> reporter: the challenge of seat
. for the first time in years, there will not be in north carolina person on the side of the judiciary aisle. i hope it will survive. thank you. >> thank you. good morning to the chairman and the members of the committee. a very small number of witnesses we have this morning for a very important subject. the hearing today provides an important opportunity for us to consider various provisions of copyright law and to examine whether they will adequately in protectators technology that were not here when this was originally enacted. there are several factors that we should keep in mind. example, the making which givesght copyright owners the exclusive right to authorize the manner in terms to make their content available to the public. i favor strong copyright protection because it promotes innovation and economic growth. laws help create a marketplace for constant. the latestl enjoy technology that can be used to watch the content. the making available is especially important today where one copy of a word over the without authorization to provide access to millions of users around the world. ri
warner buy cable plus new york, north carolina, and eastern markets if this deal goes through. with about $20 billion of debt. this would give charter action the money if the deal went out -- wound up going through. they consult rogue rimming, advertising, -- they can sell programming and advertising to a larger group of people. john malone owns 27% of charter, and has been calling for consolidation within the cable industry to help with pricing power. to reiterate command charter communications is accessible with its bid to buy time warner cable, kind cap will buy time warner cable's new york, north carolina, and new england cable. comcast will not be in any other part of the deal. >> thank you, alix steel. in the meantime, want to get you back to d.c., my colleague alan is still standing by, taking a look at the outlook for this bill. i know there is about to be a vote on wednesday, correct? >> correct. like last july, you see this house speaker having a little bit different laserjet with his different relationship with his caucus than last time. is closerfood stamps to what the democra
by in greenville, north carolina. >> reporter: first, a blizzard. and now, brutal cold for parts of the midwest. windchills as low as 40 below. the first time in years the south is really feeling it, too. governors sending in the national guard to deal with a rare snow and ice storm. as soon as the first snowflakes fell, school officials across nine southern states started cancelling classes. the icy roads here, no place for a school bus. outside asheville, north carolina, six teenagers were on the bus ride home when they flipped the on the ice. and one of them had to be hospitalized. >> just come around the curb. just slid off in the ditch. >> reporter: tonight, schoolchildren in alabama are stuck at school. the roads, too dangerous for parents to come get them. >> if you trust your teacher to take care of your child during the day, they will be taken care of tonight. >> reporter: this was a freeway in austin, texas, today. police here reporting more than 214 accidents and counting. >> passed about ten wrecks on the way here. >> reporter: in new orleans, where the city doesn't even own a singl
americans. first, manuel bojorquez in north carolina. manuel. >> reporter: well, scott, freezing rain has started to fall here, but fayetteville is expected to get up to six inches of snow, its worst storm in three years. drivers unaccustomed to slick roads are going nowhere fast. crews in north carolina sprayed roads with de-icing fluid, but traffic was still a mess in places as drivers tried to beat the ice and snow. this was atlanta; a 20-minute trip took three hours. less than an inch of snow near birmingham, alabama, caused this. six southern states have declared an emergency. widespread power outages are expected. this convoy of trucks was being pre-positioned near jackson, mississippi. now, towns are rolling out rarely used snow plows. bill hammond is a maintenance engineer for cumberland county, north carolina. >> it may be tough, depending on how much snow accumulation we get. if it tracks further east and we don't get none it, won't hurt my feelings at all. >> reporter: schools here will be closed tomorrow. fort bragg, the army's largest base, is also closed for nonessential per
] >> coming up on c-span, conversation on the future of television news from north carolina. plus a discussion on security concerns at the winter olympics in sochi russia. "washington journal," live each morning at 7 a.m. eastern. now, abc news president ben sherman and hearst television discusst, then garrett, journalism and copyright rules. the event was held in november at the campus of the university of north carolina, in chapel hill. [applause] >> thank you, david. thank you, susan. this has been a delightful day. this is the second time i have been on campus. i am always impressed when i am here. harbor has been my friend when waders or so, says that i need you, i will go wherever that goes. he has been my most trusted business advisor, i have a high appreciation for him, this has been on his mind for years. this.e talked about i smoke a cigar, wade bears with that and tells me about his vision. i am delighted to be here. i also want to shout out to hank price. hank is my colleagues who runs w x i i over in winston-salem, station we are very proud of. hank is one of our great leaders and
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of the destabilizing libya prior to the attack. host: ok, jack. host: felix in north carolina, democratic caller. caller: good morning, c-span, america. how are you on this wonderful day? i am from here in fort bragg where a lot of special forces operations are going on and i see on the news reports that only the 3 times he had asked for the help. what about august 16 and a couple weeks after that when general carter ham had offered to give it to him, over the phone and in person, and stevens denied it? the housen to that, of representatives and congress actually cut 10% of the state department's budget, $300 million. everybody is going after benghazi for the 5 people who died. what about the people who died under bush, and cheney, a draft dodger, 2.5 times worse than clinton? america, have a great day. for greg is here to protect you. host: felix is talking about that spending bill and the cut from what the obama administration wanted. the ranking republican on the intelligence committee, saxby chandler's, tweeted this out. ,ost: that is saxby chambliss republican from georgia. steve king from
'm not there for the game. buttic looking at north carolina, a really tough senate race, the governor there has done wildly popular tax reform. that will set the stage for candidates across the nation. >> i've heard this before, democrats are down. i just heard a couple months ago, reports in virginia that and democrats won every statewide race in the state. you know why? because they did it on the backs of a more diverse electorate. what democrats are learning is they do have to go after that obama coalition and expand. >> i do think the turnout, as we say, every election is like who gets their people out. if you have issues like minimum wage, and if you are issues like long-term unemployment, and if the republicans are seen as blocking those, that is quite likely to get the democratic base. >> that's true, except this -- that this election is not about some broad republican theme. it might be, but it doesn't look it right now. the senate election is about the map. the map is west virginia, south dakota, montana, arkansas, louisiana, north carolina, so the republicans have these opportunities because of t
sportsbars will be opened early for the game. >> reporter: charlotte, north carolina is the heard of one national spot. you can find out anything you want to know about stock car racing at nascar museum. >> let's go niners! >> let's go niners! >> today in charlotte, a large gathering of 49er fans met at a rally in the heart of panther country. >> i'm actually originally from redwood city, california and now live here in charlotte, north carolina and i have worn my niner gear. my son goes to providence faithful in charlotte and they had panther day and he asked to wear his gear and they said no. >> did you have to wear carolina stuff? what did you do that day? >> just put on a blue colored shirt. >> it seems like a lot of my frees in the bay area. >> reporter: it's been said that a sports team is a great uniter of people, crossing ethnic, social and economic barriers. that was certainly the case with the 49er fans at today's rally. >> i was about 8, 9 years old and my mom used to live joe montana and the niners were great at that time and what a better time to jump on as a fan. >>
of north carolina joins us. he cuts jobless benefits, and the jobless rate goes down. that's not supposed to happen, is it? east rutherford, new jersey, hosts the super bowl. the mayor is here, he is not happy. his town is losing money. >> richard burr offers the republican answer to obamacare on this program today, and hollywood writes obamacare favorably into their scripts. nothing changes, does it? and, yes, the judge is here. does he feel better about nsa spying now that they've promised to open up a little? [laughter] dream on. ♪ ♪ stuart: i've got to start with apple, stock of the day. look at it. they sold 51 million iphones in 13 weeks, made a billion dollars' profit each and every week, wasn't enough. tell me how -- nicole, come on in. >> reporter: i mean, it's barely holding the 500 line, this is terrible especially since this was a $700 stock. i have to tell you when i was talking with the analysts, talking with the traders, and you just said it, right? they sold more iphones, they have so much cash on the balance sheet, you know, some of the traders on wall street think th
purpose does the gentleman from north carolina rise? >> mr. speaker, pursuant to clause 1, rule 1, i demand a vote on yeg to the speaker's approval of the -- agreeing to the speaker's approval of the journal. the speaker: those in favor indicate by saying aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the journal stabbeds approved. the gentleman from north carolina. mr. holding: mr. speaker, i demand the yeas and nays. the speaker: the yeas and nays are requested. those favoring the yeas and nays will rise. a sufficient number having arisen, the yeas and nays are ordered. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceedings on this question are postponed. the pledge of allegiance today will be led by the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. kennedy. mr. kennedy: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to 15 requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the
, president obama arriving in north carolina this hour, that's where he'll deliver remarks on the economy this afternoon. his speech at north carolina state university is expected to put a renewed focus on improving manufacturing. we'll bring you live coverage of the president's remarks at 1:00 eastern right here on msnbc. >>> still ahead, a landmark ruling in deep red oklahoma in favor of same-sex marriage, but weddings cannot happen just yet. we'll tell you why and talk to one of the couples who sued to bring this on. ♪ in the nation, we reward safe driving. add vanishing deductible from nationwide insurance and get $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving. which means you could save... a lot of benjamins. we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ [ female announcer ] aaah, the amazing, delicious cinnamon and sugar taste of cinnamon toast crunch and cold milk. ♪ cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. tak
virginia. robert, thank you very much. it an american still being detained in north carolina hoping the u.s. can help secure his release. kenneth bae has been detained for more than a year. he was seasoned to 15 years of hard labor for what north northa called an attempt to topple the regime. >>> two suicid suicide-bombers attacked, and many say the threats is real. >> dressed in black and holding ak-47's, the two men in this video claim to be the suicide-bombers responsible for the twin attacks at a train station and on a bus in volgograd last month. they're shown building the he bombs and trapping them to their bodies before heading to their targets which killed 34 people. in this video an ominous message for vladimir putin. they say if the olympics proceed they will continue attacks. a similar video is offered to tourists attending the games which has prompted more concern. this time from american politicians. >> i would not go. and i don't think i would send my family. it's just such a rich target. >> but president putin said he is ready. >> the job of the olympics host is to ensure s
100 injuries. sara ganim is in fayetteville north carolina with more on this winter weather. a lot of kids who were stranded at school are saying it's just an extended play day but for those who are stranded on the roles and are still on the road to try to get home quite the nightmare in the south. reporting live in fayetteville north carolina on sarah annum. thank you sarah. >>anny: i heard that people in atlanta were leaving their cars stranded. they're going to match restores and sleeping there. try to find some shelter. or they were spending the night at the gas station. >>anny: at were talking about some changes in our weather pattern as well. nothing as intense as the cold conditions in the south but we are talking about finally some rain in this area. here's erica with our weather and traffic. the morning erica. >>erica: the morning to you both. i want to talk more extensively about what's happening in the deep south. we will have some lingering snow showers and freezing rain forest of florida and georgia border. but as resume and you on notice that this grant is actually mo
the panthers sunday in north carolina. the cheapest way to get to charlotte. >> ninersmania, here we go again. hello. next up, carolina panthers. if you want to head east, prices are reasonable. there's planes, trains and ables to get you -- ables to get how to game. as for flying your best bet the san jose so charlotte. 365 bucks for a flight saturday to monday. two nights in charleston will set you back $90. airfare and hotel for less than $500. there's other options. across country train trip is an option at $761 round trip. each way will take you four works be you have to take a bus at times. but it's for the niners. driving is an option if you leave tuesday. it's the playoffs. if you're driving hurry. the trip from san francisco to north carolina will take 39 hours. 10 hours a day you could do it in four days and $600 in gas money. that's round trip. split that three ways and that's the most afford be option. tick tote game start at 140 cheaper than playoff tickets at candlestick. i think many would say and the quest for six, that's doable. >> and just as we were live in green bay kron4
lots in georgia, alabama, carolinas and farther north in virginia as well. if people didn't spend the night on the road they were stuck in schools and businesses because of a rare and sudden winter storm, weather that the south isn't used to handling all the time. jonathan serrie is live from montgomery, alabama, with more now. jonathan? >> reporter: jenna and jon, that's really the key. dealing with a winter storm in the south is like dealing with a hurricane in the northeast. take a look at this video from montgomery. you're looking at the overpass, this is an entrance ramp to i-65 from i-85 where we saw a jackknifed struck. city and county crews are out trying to clear roads and bridges which have become slick with the ice trying to do so as best as they can. take a listen. >> it happened so infrequently here. we don't have really any deicing. we don't have the salt. we don't have the chemicals we could put on the road and deice. so we're left to kind of be in the situation where all we can do is sand the bridges, try to get the traction established back and try to make it some
with movies, talent shows and playing the wii. outside of asheville, north carolina, a school bus flipped over on an icy road sending one teenager to hospital. >> real scary. i mean, cause the whole bus tipped over and i was sitting in the seat on the other side and just kind of flew to the other side. >> reporter: 2 to 3 inches of snow fell in atlanta causing accidents, gridlock and six-hour-long commutes home. >> i'd advised if you ain't got to be out, stay at home. >> reporter: stranded drivers in birmingham learned that lesson the hard way. >> i had to push a car this morning. we had to push a car over there. >> no way home. yellow cab won't come and get us. >> the thing about driving around in here is people down south don't know how to drive in it. you know. >> reporter: home depot even kept 14 atlanta area stores open overtight to offer shelter to stranded drivers. and many road crews in the south used to dealing with hurricanes are finding snowplows and salt in short supply. >> and, meantime, more snow is in store in the mid-atlantic area and up into the northeast. parts of new jersey
of the live broadcast from new york were two young legends in training, north carolina born 30-year-old edward r. morrow in vienna and 34-year-old william shire in london. soon to join cbs on the scene radio team were 26-year-old eric exceptor ride and 21-year-old charles calling wood of michigan. nothing was really more memorable to many during the war years for media than edward r. morrow's nightly reports for cbs radio. with a voice that god might have envied he began each broadcast with this phrase, "this is london." he was toot ordered the long pause between this and london made the drama before the news itself was shared. he didn't close his broadcast with a then popular parting phrase shared among londoners in 1940 who endured a night of nazi bombardment in the blitz "good night and good luck." after world war ii they continued their shade and shunned the newly emerging technology of television. cbs had to turn to a 31-year-old douglas edwards to host the first television broadcast from 1948 to 1962. i really found no characteristic closing line from edwar
. one of those jobs was to run around north carolina and my little car and see what the candidates were spending on political advertising. i would like to think that i am one of the few people in this room and this state -- in this room, in this state, who has regularly visited every station. i called my parents and told them i was leaving college for a year, that i would stay in north carolina to see the race to the conclusion. the epic battle between senator helms and governor jesse thorn. at the time, the most expensive in national history, i went on to write an honors thesis discussing the changing role of race in north carolina politics, going back to 1950, front senator lamb ran against senator smith in the runoff. all fodder for conversation later. i will go join david for the discussion. thank you very much. [applause] >> you get the first question. >> excellent. >> today in the new york times, the former executive editor of the times described this as a golden age for journalism, particularly a golden age for international reporting. my question for you, david, looking at where
the patriotism and violations of the different laws. but newspapers in raleigh north carolina and television stations in the great state of north carolina and journalists across the land always depended on whistle-blowers. as a, we guide our team is always when it comes to whistle-blowers to ask all the questions and checkout and a few days to try to ascertain whether or not they have a particular interest in sharing this information and what is the motive. we try to understand what does this person want to say to us. when i was an investigative producer i came to north carolina and there is a story about the tobacco industry with one of the early whistle-blowers who works at r.j. reynolds and wanted to talk about what was going on. it's a conflicting agenda and interest that related that came forward and produced all kind of evidence this person had a mixed motive in coming forward with various axes to grind. it's always whistle-blower time and we have to take exercise with very high standards and evaluating what to do and how to do that is it uncommon interest in the national interest. it'
temperatures. negative 11 in cleveland and negative 1 in asheville, north carolina. for millions the continued cold meant a continued travel nightmare. i-65 in indiana turned into a parking lot for tra tractor-trailers. and a soggy situation at reagan national airport in washington when a pipe burst flooding terminal hallways. passengers nationwide faced delays and cancellations as airlines de-ice planes and cleared runways. fighting what sometimes felt like a losing battle against the powerful polar vortex. >>> nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us in a moment with what we can expect after this polar vortex. >>> we want to turn to a shocking and terrible tragedy on colorado's vail mountain. the large avalanche killed anthony sibert. three others were hurt but able to escape it. his death is the fifth avalanche raelted death this se officials say the area was at a considerable risk because of new snowfall on top of what's been considered a weak snow base. >>> and one more note on this cold morning. the cold reception being felt inside the white house. a new book aims to take down the obama ad
. the team is 45 minutes from taking off to north carolina. but not before they take part in a travel day ritual. >>> the 49ers are hungry for another playoff win practicing for the last time at their headquarters before trying off to north carolina. what do you see the man of men to decide the other hunger? >> this is the chris combo. we do not tell people what is in it. it is unlawful even on the menu. >> the deli is popular with the bay area professional sports teams. the sandwiches are so good that the 49ers order them each time they travel for a game. today, the coaches and players request 65 sandwiches for the road. >>> you hope they will be the lucky sandwich. you don't want to be the bad luck sandwich. >>> they fuel off the java juice from santa clara and are planning on a big party this weekend. >> >> super excited. will have people at the house and good luck to the 49ers. >>> it will be an electric game. >>> the sandwiches were delivered and the game starts on sunday at 10:05 in the morning. las vegas smarts books have the 49ers favored by one point. >>> thank you, matt, our spo
are practicing behind this fence here before hopping on those buses to catch a plane ride to north carolina, chris bordelchelli has been busy creating the sandwiches. this season this sandwich has been a team favorite for the players when they go on the road. it started with alex smith. word got out to coach ed donatell whop order it had for a few players, and then it grew from there. more players wanting the chris combo for their plane ride. it's now a tradition for on-the-road trips. he delivered 65 of his chris combos to the training facility. we're not sure if that is for 65 individuals or if some of the players are doubling or tripling up. >> i'm hoping they're passing a few off to some people because you don't want to eat seven. >> what's your record? >> i think i have one loss on the road. we don't do a lot when they're at home. so the only loss i have is the seattle loss. >> so what are you telling me about the sandwiches then? >> i hope that they're good luck and that we will destroy the carolina panthers for sure. >> terry, the chris combo is a secret recipe. and that, of course,
control. >> now 49ers should be in north carolina for the big playoff game by this point. >> 49ers hungry for a win, practicing at their head quarters this morning before flying off to north carolina. but what do you feed these men to satisfy that other hunger in the belly? >> this is our sandwich we don't tell people that what is in it. >> chris's deli is popular with the professional sports teams his sandwiches so good, the 49ers order them every time they travel for a game coaches and players requested 65 for the road. >> they're helping it will be the good luck sandwich for you. >> super excited to have people over. so good luck. >> the game starts sunday morning. las vague had 49ers fave yoerd by just one point. >> house democratic leader looking for southern cooking at 49ers quote flatten the panthers this sunday. if niners will treat to fried chicken, crackers and cheer wine. a cherry flavored soft drink. if panthers win, they will be hosted to sour dough breast and chocolate from local makers. now, larry will bring us complete coverage including another edition of vernon's view. y
the 49ers charter flight touched down in north carolina. the mission was to defeat the panthers in sunday's playoff game. fans are pumped. >> reporter: outside of the stadium a walk through on the home turf. music on the inside. fans waiting for them on the outside. >> support the team and know that they're loved. >> i was out here last year. i want to show them love. >> reporter: the bags were packed and frank and company rolled off to the airport. destination carolina. and enroute a number of fans some launched a facebook page promoting a take over tail gate in north carolina. it is the home of the panthers if there is a concern for dillon newsto. >> cam newton running. >> you have to embrace the situation. my mom would enjoy it not coming down to a field goal but whatever it takes at this point. it is a one game season every week. >> as for predictions? >> 27-17 niners. >> this is the year. this is the one. >> and with that said, fans are hoping that the plane touches down here on sunday night with a big v on its side with a v for victory. >> can you show your support for the niners wi
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